How to proceed

Are you planning to organize a seminar (with a focus on regional and cultural studies) for a group of interested people? Give us a call or send us a fax or an email.

  • Please provide us with the following information:
  • your ideas/suggestions with regard to the seminar program
  • the intended date of the seminar
  • the number of participants (expected at the time of booking)
  • your financial budget per person, and
  • the anticipated number of rooms and type of accommodation required (e.g. single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms etc.)

We will book the respective accommodation and/or seminar venue of your choice within a price category as advised by you (we offer various price categories, in some cases even within the same seminar venue).

As with our long-term co-operation partners, it is our aim to continuously vary our seminar programs and offer up-to-date information by including, for example, the most recent special exhibitions, exclusive events related to the transformation, and extension of museums and memorial sites.

If you should need any suggestions or further ideas for the planning or structuring of your visit to Berlin, we will gladly provide you with one of our sample programs.

In close coordination with you, we will draft and finalize the seminar program for your group.

If you should have any questions, requests for modification or any other requests (e.g. tickets for cultural events, public transport tickets etc.) prior to your arrival in Berlin, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Your individual tutor will guide you through your whole program and accompany you during your stay in Berlin (i.e. from the day of your arrival until your departure). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you should need any assistance with respect to the content of your program or other organizational aspects.